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Author of Great Mondays: How To Design A Company Culture Employees Love. You don’t have your copy yet? Well what are you waiting for?

Build a dynamic work culture that inspires employees and promotes organizational growth

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Evidence shows culture drives fiscal performance. It’s no secret that a toxic work culture can drive away employees and drive down profits. Creating a dynamic work culture that promotes both employee and business growth is key to ensuring an organization’s success. However, culture is a moving target and hard to get right. In Great Mondays, brand strategist Josh Levine introduces a proven formula for building and managing a workplace culture that maximizes employee engagement, performance, and retention for long-term business success.

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Imagine: it’s spring 2022, and the working world has emerged from pandemic hibernation. Lattes and laptops sit on countertops as remote workers clickity-clack their way through the day. It’s just like 2019, except, well, everything has changed.

Lily Tomlin in *9 to 5* foreshadows major changes in the corporate world.

While thankfully, the pandemic will soon no longer rule our lives, we can’t entirely know how the world will look. “You cannot predict the future,” management guru Peter Drucker once said, “but you can create it.” So how should we prepare? And how can we create the future we prefer? …

In retrospect, it was naive to expect the next big improvement in productivity to emerge from Silicon Valley, where (ding!) the goal is (bloop!) hoovering up (buzz!) attention. It turns out Zoom, Slack, and Google Docs aren’t the remote work panacea we hoped. They’re useful, but they bring their own set of problems.

We, the digital working-class spent last year attempting to build a productive, mobile work environment out of productivity tools like these. But now, instead of wielding these apps for our own purposes, they’re driving us. It’s time to take back the wheel.

Hierarchy of Remote Work Needs by Liz Fosselin

Pre-pandemic, business leaders were investing…

[Executive Q&A]

Many companies implore employees to create a great customer experience, but delivery almost always falls short. This strategic deficit leaves leaders to wonder what they miss. Deloitte’s culture change under the leadership of Sonal Naik offers a lesson. With over 20 years of consulting experience in the professional service industry, Sonal says that the two concepts of customer centricity and culture can’t be separated.

This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Sonal Naik, Executive Leader of Deloitte Catalyst

Josh Levine: Thanks for talking with me, Sonal. I’ve been a consultant, too, so I understand how hard it can be to differentiate between professional…

While Trump seeks short-term gains with his divisive July Fourth speech, Mayors, CEO’s and other figureheads can strengthen community culture and resilience with renewed purpose statements.

From countries to corporations, the events of 2020 are testing communities’ ability to adapt. A compelling story not only strengthens community culture but allows organizations to weather uncertainty, which has never been more important. I sat down with urban futurist Lev Kushner to discuss the importance of having a shared narrative when building and running any successful group and how it’s crucial in order to navigate and survive change.

This conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

Josh Levine: Lev, good to see you again. What’s on your mind these days?

Lev Kushner: There are several macro trends going…

LOGE Camps is a hospitality company with five locations–or camps as they call them–situated across the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. I spoke to their Chief Culture Officer Lindsay Wolff Logsdon to learn how the company engages such a widely distributed workforce. In our conversation, we discuss the program she and the leadership team created to activate and operationalize their culture. The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Josh Levine: Lindsay, you recently told me about the way your organization has started to activate its culture through a really unique recognition program. I found the idea compelling because it…

If we care about how work gets done, not just what’s accomplished, we need to change how we measure and reward it.

Operating on outputs. Measuring KPIs. Rewarding sales. Managers point to these activities as best practices, but employees incentivized only by what they do, and not how they do it are liabilities, not assets. It turns out we’ve been managing for only half the job.

When leaders reward outcomes, employees hear “achieve this goal.” But, what they don’t say is also loud and clear, “by whatever means necessary.” Wells Fargo is still suffering through the fallout from the scandal that was the result of its cross-selling initiative. They were explicitly told and handsomely rewarded to sell new products to existing clients…

A few years ago, a meme titled “Real Org Chart” made its way across HR departments. The uncomfortable chuckles it evoked validated a deeper truth: professional success doesn’t depend on management structures, it depends on the knowledge gained from our relationships. In the years since the visual quip first circulated, the growth of jobs that rely on what is in people’s heads–knowledge work, as it’s called–makes this truth only truer. Knowledge work has changed businesses as well, and many of these changes severely impede our relationships with co-workers, and in turn, the ability to access what they know. …

SF DesignWeek 2020 Panel Discussion

Creativity is a slippery beast; volumes have been written about how to get inspired. But what if it’s a critical part of your business? Deadlines can’t wait for inspiration to strike.

Author and culture design expert Josh Levine spoke with a panel of experts about how companies can develop effective processes and structures so employees can produce the best creative ideas, products, and services consistently.

This panel was recorded on June 15th, 2020 as part of SF DESIGN WEEK.

Event Panelists:

Alex Tran, Senior Designer at VMware Pivotal Labs
Alex leads design for the VMware Pivotal Labs Services Portfolio…

A Conversation between Josh Levine and Maryellen Stockton

Tori Marra: My name is Tori Marra, and I am part of Outspoken Agency. We are a speaking agency based in New York City, and we work with speakers just like Josh. While we are living in a pandemic, we thought it would be a great time to connect our speakers with our clients, our colleagues, our friends, and family, to share some expertise in this time of need.

We are excited to have Josh Levine here with us, as well as our guest host today, Maryellen Stockton, to talk about culture and leadership, particularly in remote times. Maryellen…

Josh Levine

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